HWY 211Noted in orange. 219.912 Acres

                                      Ocean2Ocean Development, LLC



Providing 40+ years of experience in Management of Commercial Real Estate Development, Construction. Provide innovative Budget implementation in volatile markets while preserving assets.


2004-Present  Ocean2Ocean Development, LLC   -Press Investments, LLC

Real Estate Development/Real Estate Procurement/ Real Estate Construction

Property acquisition for Residential & Commercial Development -$6 Million

Commercial Infrastructure with "best use" analysis- $100+ million

2004- creation of heavy equipment division to provide all facets of real estate construction-

           $2+ Million

At present Commercial Development total potential sell-out in excess of 4+ Million (2011)

2012-Present $3.7 Million plus
Bank Liquidation of Real Estate Property of $28 Million Prime Property in Process

                      James De La Garza, Has over 40 + Years experience in Lending and Development